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HumbleStuff concentrated Refill




Lemon and Myrtle refill for the gentle & effective cleaning spray suitable for a wide variety of surfaces. Made from Castile soap and organic essential oils.
This gentle surface cleaner is 100% free from synthetic detergents, preservatives and fragrances. You can use the Multi Surface Spray on a wide range of kitchen and bathroom surfaces and is safe to use on brushed steel, stainless steel, granite and wood.

This little bottle will make at least 5 full size (500ml) sprays. It’s easy to do and saves on plastic bottles.

How to use – Take an empty clean spray bottle. Add water halfway up the bottle, either use tap water, or water that has been boiled and allowed to cool down. Add 20ml of the Refill, there is a handy guide on the side of the bottle to help. Fill the bottle with more water up to the neck. Replace the trigger spray. Gently shake the bottle to distribute the concentrate, and go clean!

Ingredients Aqua, Essential Oils, Vegetable Soap.

Weight  100ml