Glenlochrie Free Range (Large) Eggs




GLENLOCHRIE FARM produces free range eggs locally in the Girvan valley. They have a flock of 2000 Lohmann Brown hens housed in a purpose built mobile building situated in a large grassy field over which the birds free range in the open air.

The hens are fed on the best quality grain and have a light, airy and warm house to keep them contented. The birds are free to perch, dust bath, scratch and do all the things
natural to them. This is why they produce such premium quality eggs! Eggs with bright orange stand up yolks with a firm surrounding white.

Number: Box of 6 large eggs

Allergens: EGG

Freeze: Not advisable to freeze whole. Can be frozen if separate yolks from whites.

Origin: Glenlochrie Farm, Dailly, Girvan